Stephanie’s Story

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Knitwear – The Timeless Trend One evening my mother came home from work with a gift from her colleague, who also farms alpacas. The beauty of alpaca farming, alongside the infectiously friendly nature of the animals, is that the produce from their wool contains hypoallergenic properties and feels luxuriously soft and warm, yet is more sturdy than cashmere. The gift my mother’s colleague had given her was for me, despite us...

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Hazel’s Story

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I grew up in Shetland and started knitting before I could read and write, and have been knitting ever since. My first love is knitting Fair Isle; with so many colours and patterns to combine into unique pieces I will never run out of ideas. I see knitting as a wearable art – mostly I like knitting to be functional rather than decorative. Fair Isle cushion covers, a lace tablecloth and a lace bedspread are, so far, the only...

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Joyce’s Story

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My Knitted Square I have chosen my favourite colour, green, to knit my little square, And tucked inside, are bits and pieces, for which I do so care! The stitches number 55 – a stitch for every year! And so my life is knitted and includes my family dear. The love I have for oor ain auld toon until the end o’ time Is portrayed in the song I have chosen; a fitting poem and its rhyme! ‘Am proud tae be a Borderer,...

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Gillian’s Story

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I am the daughter of a very proficient knitter – her name is Jennifer and her story is on this site. I started to knit as a child, and started with the obligatory scarf which was never more than a few inches before holes appeared and interest wained. I took to it in my teenage years, which was in the 80’s; the era of the broomhandle needle and batwing jumpers. I used to enjoy being able to create something that my friends...

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Sylvia’s Story

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My mum was a plain knitter. A plain baker. And a plain cook. But a wonderful mother, intelligent, caring, and hardworking. She was a charitable woman, and made a pledge to herself to knit as many bedcovers as the local Barnardo’s children’s home needed, but being a plain knitter, these were made by knitting squares from a variety of begged, found, and rattled down bits of wool of wildly assorted colours. So the first things...

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Torya’s Story

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My mum taught me to knit when I was four, and after making a few wonky garter stitch scarves for my teddy bears, I decided to branch out into something more adventurous. We lived in Alloa, where the Paton mills were based, and we always used to go to the mill sales to buy yarn. I selected some lovely moss green double knitting, and set out to make a scarf for an old lady that we knew. Despite using 5mm needles, the scarf grew far too...

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Jennifer’s Story

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My earliest knitting memory – over 60 years ago – is sitting on a park bench in bright sunshine knitting a very long and slightly wonky garter stitch scarf using scraps of wool donated by my adored Grandma. This was in South Wales in the early 1950s. I have knitted (and crocheted) ever since. I prefer circular needles as they can be pushed into my handbag and I knit everywhere. Apart from the obvious result of having...

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Emily’s Story

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When I was growing up, my grandma always tried to encourage me and my sisters to get into arts and crafts the way that she did. She was very creative; she worked with clay and felt and sewed – and of course knitted. We used to stay at her house every weekend and I can remember the feeling of standing in her studio while she showed us her latest creation, secretly wishing that I could just go outside and play. Back then I was too...

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Alison’s Story

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Like most people I was taught to knit when I was younger, but this had fallen by the wayside. So a couple of years ago I picked up my knitting needles and was painstakingly re-taught by my mum, who is still called on for advice at those tricky moments. This scarf is the first (wearable) item I made, although there are plenty of dubious hats and scarves that friends have enthusiastically received! Although not without its moments of...

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Imogen’s story

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My childhood attempt at knitting was somewhat unsuccessful. The main memory is of a sad rag I called scarf, stuck for months on the needles as I didn’t know how to cast off (ah, the ignorant days before youtube). I still had this woolly disaster in the back of my mind when a farmer friend gave me some of his hot-off-the-spinning-wheel wool and a DVD of ‘how to knit’. This coincided with friends having babies and a...

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