Threads – Borders tour

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A play about women, work, and knitting. Threads weaves the stories, historical, verbatim, and imagined into a multi-stranded piece of theatre using music, song and dance. From 19th Century millworkers to modern day knitting clubs, writer Sylvia Dow brings to life the history of knitting in the borders and the threads of life, fate and destiny which bind us all.   The play is the outcome of a longer project Knit Two Together,...

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An Interview with Paul Brough

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As you may remember, at our second knitting circle in Hawick (Wednesday the 17th of April) we were treated to a great talk by Paul Brough, Archive Manager of the Heritage Hub. Paul talked with us about the archives, and some of the fascinating information there is to be found in them, and even showed us an example of some of Hawick’s history. We felt the talk was too good to miss out on, and luckily Paul was kind enough to give...

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Leaving a Legacy

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We at Knit 2 Together like to believe that the five events, which took place in Hawick, were a great success. There was a fantastic turnout each night, everybody seemed to get on well and enjoy themselves, and we ended up with a wonderful combined project at the end of it (look out for some photos, which will appear on this site soon). However, it’s wonderful to see proof of how successful the events were… and what better...

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Speaking to Muriel

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Throughout our five knitting events, we came up with a specific task; a project which everyone could get involved with and contribute to. In this interview, Stellar Quines’ Artistic Director Muriel Romanes discusses the knitting circles and this project in more detail.

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A Word with Sylvia Dow

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Playwright Sylvia Dow has been attached to this project since the beginning, attending all of the knitting events we put on in Hawick and carrying out her own research on the Borders textiles history. We sat down with her in Hawick before the penultimate knitting night to have a chat with her about the project, her hopes and expectations regarding it, and to see if we could get any information about the play she’ll be...

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Hazel Tindall

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Hazel Tindall, Shetland born and bred, has been knitting for as long as she can remember. She has knitted as both a hobby and a source of income, and has stated that it is her aim to encourage people to adopt a more efficient knitting method. Hazel provides authentic Fair Isle knitting patterns (available to buy from her website, and has also been featured in several knitting and craft books – Significant...

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The Last Big Knit

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On Wednesday the 8th of May, we held our final knitting event in Hawick. Similarly to the first week, this evening was held entirely in the Tower House – one grand, final knitting circle. Paul Brough kicked off the night with a pleasant announcement – Paul and Susan, from Heart of Hawick, have kindly offered to continue the knitting circles, suggesting the Heritage Hub as a potential meeting place. The group welcomed the...

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Knitting Through the Years…

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On Wednesday the 1st of May we headed to Hawick for our second-last knitting event. We gathered in the Heritage Hub at 7pm, where Zilla Oddy – who works for both the Hub and the Hawick museum – met us for an informal chat about some of the knitting-related artefacts the museum has on display. She even kindly brought along a generous selection of items for us to get a good look at ourselves! One of the things she mentioned...

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“Knitting and a Show”

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Last Wednesday – the 24th of April – we headed to Hawick for the third of our five planned events. It was a long day for Sylvia, who kindly agreed to arrive earlier than usual to give an interview about her role in this project, and the play she’ll be writing. Look out for the interview, which will be making an appearance on this site shortly! The fun started in the auditorium of the Tower Mill, with a screening of...

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Cosy Ponies Inspire Shetland Tour

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The Shetland ponies, which were dressed up in Fair Isle jumpers as part of a campaign to promote the Year of Natural Scotland, and became known worldwide – spawning a series of ‘dancing pony’ youtube videos – have become the inspiration for German touring company Nordic Reisen to set up a knitting tour of the Northern Isles. The tour will be a 10-day Shetland trip, costing £2,140 per person, and will include...

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