My Knitted Square

I have chosen my favourite colour, green, to knit my little square,
And tucked inside, are bits and pieces, for which I do so care!
The stitches number 55 – a stitch for every year!
And so my life is knitted and includes my family dear.

The love I have for oor ain auld toon until the end o’ time
Is portrayed in the song I have chosen; a fitting poem and its rhyme!
‘Am proud tae be a Borderer, ‘am Scottish thro and thro,’
“Scot’s Wha Hae”, “Wild Mountain Thyme” – my list is more than two!

The Saxhorn Band and Rural, Bright Eyed Daughters, Teviot Church,
In all I have great interest, the involvement I love so much!
But I must include my love of flowers – the hobby I love best,
My knitted square is now complete, and displayed wi’ a’ the rest!


Posted by: Joyce E. Tinlin