I am the daughter of a very proficient knitter – her name is Jennifer and her story is on this site. I started to knit as a child, and started with the obligatory scarf which was never more than a few inches before holes appeared and interest wained. I took to it in my teenage years, which was in the 80’s; the era of the broomhandle needle and batwing jumpers. I used to enjoy being able to create something that my friends didn’t have (looking back they probably didn’t want it either!!) I have always worn hand-knitted garments, from leg-warmers in ballet to fingerless gloves and fair-isle sweaters knitted for me by my mum or even sometimes by my grandma. I always took great interest in what it was going to be, and my mum was clever and able to design things from scratch. So I continued knitting in my teens some items that mum helped me design myself.

It all stopped at university with a complicated waistcoat, Kaffe Fasset style, that sat on top of the wardrobes half-done in various flats I stayed in and got hoovered annually, until eventually I admitted defeat and decided I was never going to a) wear it so should b) not finish it.

I didn’t return to knitting until my 30s when my little girls were taught to knit on rainy afternoons by my mum. This usually meant when we returned home that I had a few weeks of correcting their knitting, every row, and then knitting on a bit to help loosen the stitches and help it grow. I decided I fancied doing some more knitting myself that wasn’t the obligatory scarf and wish now that I’d done it sooner. I love to knit; I love the relaxation it brings and the creativity it stimulates. There’s nothing like the rush of a visit to the wool shop and a new project to start!

Posted by: Gillian Welsher